Daisy Theresa Borne (1906 - 1998)


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Ceramic tile, 4 in. sq. (10 cm. sq.)

Height – 0cm x Width – cm


The Artist’s Studio

Daisy Borne was a sculptor in a variety of materials, and teacher, born in London. An interest in religious themes was a feature of her output, which was elegant and conservative while being tinged with modernism.
Borne traveled widely with her family, being educated partly in America, then returned to London where she studied sculpture at Regent Street Polytechnic School of Art with Harold Brownsword. Also studied singing, but declined to take up the stage professionally. Learned to carve with Joyce Bidder, with whom she shared a studio in southwest London for many years. Some work was signed TB, joined. Showed at RA, RBS of which she was an associate, and was vice-president of RMS. Her work was included in a two-artist show with Joyce Bidder at Fine Art Society, 1987.

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Daisy Theresa Borne
Daisy Theresa
1906 - 1998

Daisy Borne was born in London but travelled extensively with
her family during her childhood, and was educated in America
before returning to London to study sculpture at Regent Street
Polytechnic School of Art. 

She also studied singing and ‘ somewhat unconventionally
for women at the time ‘ was a keen sportswoman and notable
member of one of the Thames rowing clubs. 

She worked closely with Joyce Bidder throughout her career.
After meeting in 1933, the two shared a studio in southwest
London for many years, and exhibited together at the FAS
in 1987. Borne also showed at the RA (1932’61), the SWA
(1933’71), the RSBS ‘ to which she was elected associate, and the
RSMPSG ‘ of which she served as vice president.