Pilotes D’Avions, circa 1920

SKU: 5967
Signed in the plate
Lithograph, published by Publisher: Paris: Hachard & Cie
28 1/2″ X 45 3/4″

Height – 0cm x Width – cm


This poster design predates the Colin design for the Revue N√®gre, which helped to launch the career of Josephine Baker (who became his mistress) and made Colin famous. 
The text of the poster reads: Republic of France, Ministry of War, Military Aviation Young Frenchmen: you can accomplish your compulsory military service as an AIRPLANE PILOT upon receiving one preliminary instruction in a civil pilots’ school at the expense of the State. Candidates are admitted from the age of 17 1/2 years. Ask for more information from the Ministry of War 12e Direction. 4e Bureau. 231. Bd. St. Germain, Paris
This poster must not be covered over, destroyed or sold.

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Paul Colin
1892 - 1985

Paul Colin (27 June 1892 in Nancy, France – 18 June 1985 in Nogent-sur-Marne) was one of France’s greatest poster artists.

Made famous in 1925 by his poster for the Revue Nègre, which helped to launch the career of Josephine Baker (who became his mistress), he worked for over forty years in the theatre, creating not only posters but also numerous sets and costumes.

Very Art dŽ co at the outset, (his Le Tumulte noir is a masterpiece of the genre), his style quickly became highly personal and impossible to categorize: the synthetic accuracy of his portraits, the evocative force of his posters for grand causes so marked him as a master of visual communication that his work today remains relevant and fresh. A student of Eugène Vallin and of Victor ProuvŽ , he is considered a master of the modern school of poster art. He is the author of over 1400 posters and many theatrical set and costume designs.

He was the master of painter Philippe Derome and poster artists duo Lefor-Openo.