War Bonds 2 (Back Him Up, Buy War Bonds) W1930, circa 1918


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Literature: Brangwyn at WAR !, Libby Horner, Horner and Goldmark 2014, W1930, page 116-117

This poster is related to Put Strength in the Final Blow, W2340. The action is similar in this later version of W2340, with the British soldier bayonetting his adversary. However the ground is level and the German’s fall is not so vivid, although his facial expression is more terrified than in the previous poster. The proportions have also been altered, in that the graphic is in landscape rather than portrait, and the action is confined to the left-hand side.

The autumn War Bonds campaign started on 30 September 1915, shortly before the war ended, and Walton points out that the posters have identical production codes, so it would appear that this marginally milder version was hurriedly produced either to minimise offence or perhaps because it was sensed that hostilities were drawing to a close.

Preliminary study for W1930

Final version

W2340 Put Strength in the Final Blow

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Dimensions 152.2 × 101.5 cm