Study of a young girl in a pink dress, circa 1905

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Oil on board, 12 5/8 x 10 7/8 in. (32 x 27.5 cm.)

Height – 32cm x Width – 27.5cm


the artist’s family

Provenance: the artist’s family

Watson was equally talented as a figure and landscape painter, and believed
the two were interdependent:The landscape painter draws with more
appreciation of line when he has drawn from life. Unless one perceives the beauty
of line throughout nature, there is a commonplace quality in the work’
(Harry Watson, Figure Drawing,Winsor and Newton, 1920s, p. 102). This
panel, painted en plein air, probably depicts the artist’s daughter.

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Harry Watson
1871 - 1936

Painter, born in Scarborough, Yorkshire but lived in Canada,
1881-83. On his return to England he attended 
Scarborough School of Art, 1884-88, furthering his studies at the RCA
and Lambeth School of Art. While studying at the RCA, he won many medals in
gold, silver and bronze, and also a travelling Scholarship to Italy. Watson
first exhited at the RA in 1896 and in 1915 Watson was elected to the RWS, in
1928, Royal Western Academy  and in 1932
ROI. He worked chiefly in Wales, Scotland and France, and from 1913 taught at
the Regent Street Polytechnic. His work is in the collection of  the collections of Christchurch and
Wellington art galleries, New Zealand, Brighton & Hove Museum & Art
Gallery and in 1938 a memorial exhibition was held at Leamington Spa Art