Arturo Di Stefano (1955 -)

Pool of London 1998

SKU: 6381

Oil on linen

151 x 212 cm


Height – 151cm x Width – 212cm


The Pool of London  was exhibited at the Museum of London in 2000 as part of a series of topographical views by Di Stefano entitled Portrait of a City: The London Paintings of Arturo Di Stefano.

As the center of activity on the Thames ,  buzzing with a continuous  flow of boats, cargo, industry, workers, warehouses, and  quay-side activity The pool of London has a long tradition of inspiration for painter .  In 1906 Andre Derain painted ‘The Pool of London’ four times;  Monet painted the same subject in 1901 and Whistler in 1859. 

Di Stefano’s canvas might be read as a homage to both a great city and to great painters.  


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Arturo Di Stefano
Di Stefano
1955 -

Arturo Di Stefano was born in Huddersfield, in 1955.

Di Stefano has exhibited extensively since leaving the Royal College in 1981 including the Royal Academy of Arts; Tate St Ives; Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal; Museum of London: Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (Retrospective).