Credit National – Souscrivez pour la reconstitution des régions dévastées, circa 1920

SKU: 5996
Lithograph, printed by Joseph Charles
Inscribed: Pour facilitez la r√©paration des dommages caus√©s par la guerre, souscrivez pour la reconstitution des r√©gions d√©vast√©es
47 x 32 ins. (119 x 81 cm.)

Height – 119cm x Width – 81cm


War loan posters were almost certainly the largest category of posters produced between 1914 and 1919. They appealed to civilians’ desire to aid the war effort rather than to any monetary value to be gained and were produced by all major countries and usually issued in series.  Subscribers were often given a copy of the actually poster, hence the large number that surivive compared to other war posters.  In France they were known as  Emprunt National.  In America they were referred to as Liberty Bonds, in Canada as Victory Loans, and In the United Kingdom as War Loans. 

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Rene Lelong

Rene Lelong was an illustrator and painter French, born April 1, 1871 in Arrou (France) and  died in 1933 .

He won a bronze medal at the Salon of French Artists in 1895 and was a member from 1898. He made ​​posters and illustrated many books and texts.  He was part of the jury in 1925 for the Contest Grand Prize Gustave DorŽ , alongside Georges Auriol, Carlègle, Maxime Dethomas, Raymond Escholier, Abel Faivre, Renefer, Auguste Roubille, Serveau Clement and RenŽ Vincent . He was a professor at the AcadŽ mie Julian in 1879 to 1891.

He illustrated the following works: 

Mario Uchard, Uncle Barbassou illustration with B. Borrione, Paris, P. Ollendorff, 1897

Alfred Capus, Loser, drawings Rene Lelong, engraved on wood by Georges Lemoine, Paris, P. Ollendorff, 1900 [5]

Theodore Botrel, Songs in clogs, George Ondet 1902 [6]

Guy de Maupassant, Our heart, Collected Works illustrated by RenŽ Lelong, engraved on wood by G. Lemoine, Paris, Ollendorff, 1902

Guy de Maupassant, The Sisters Rondoli, Collected Works illustrated, woodcut G. Lemoine, Paris, P. Ollendorff, 1904 [7]

Émile Zola, The Dream, 43 illustrations, Paris, P. Lafitte 1910

RenŽ Boylesve, The lesson of love in a park, Paris, Romagna, 1923

Abbe Prevost History of Chevalier des Grieux and Manon Lescaut, Paris, Javal and Bourdeaux 1927

Colette, Tendrils of vines, 35 aquatints, Kra Publishing, 1930