Christmas card collage with whilte horizonatl and black and grey uprights

SKU: 6218
Signed and inscribed inside
Collage on brown paper
14 x 11 cm


Height – 14cm x Width – 11cm


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Bryan Illsley
b. 1937
Background and Education
1953                    Apprentice Stonemason
1954-57               Kingston School of Art
1963                     Moved to St Ives, Cornwall               
1964-66               Worked at the Leach Pottery and made first wooden sculptures
1966                     Worked with Breon O’Casey making jewellery
1968-1982          Partnership with Breon O’Casey
1978                     Set up forge and made first iron sculptures
1986                     Moved to London
Selected Exhibitions (*denotes solo exhibition)
1964/76               Penwith Gallery, St Ives
1965                     British Crafts Centre, London
1969/72               Marjory Parr, St Ives and London
1971                     Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol
1972/73               New Craftsmen, St Ives
1981                     O’Casey’s Craft Gallery, London
1981                     Oxford Gallery, Oxford
1982                     ‘The Maker’s Eye’, Crafts Council, London
                              Crafts Council Sideshow, ICA, London
1983                     British Crafts Centre, London ‘ works in wood
                              Crafts Centre and Design Gallery, Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds
                              Oxford Gallery, Oxford ‘ Paintings, with ceramics by Alison Britton
1984                     ‘Bryan Illsley: Work in wood, metal and paint’, 
                              Crafts Council, London*
                              West Bretton Sculpture Park, Wakefield ‘ works in iron
1986                     ‘Craft Matters’, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton University, 
                               a Southern Arts touring exhibition
1988                     ‘Souvenirs from St Ives’, Contemporary Applied Arts, London*
                              ‘Contemporary British Crafts’, Crafts Council exhibition touring 
                              National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and National Museum 
                              of Modern Art Kyoto, Japan
1989                     ‘Common Ground – Out of the Wood’, Crafts Council, London
                              ‘Clay Bodies’, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
1990/91                Two works for Chiltern Sculpture Trail, Oxford Residency*
1990                     ‘Recent Works’, Jamison Thomas Gallery, Portland, Oregon USA*
1992                     ‘Sculptures & Paintings’, Cirencester Workshop Gallery*
1993                     Sculpture Aspen, residency, Aspen Art Museum, Colorado USA
1993-95               The Raw and The Cooked’, group exhibition of contemporary 
                               ceramics, Museum of Modern Art Oxford, followed by a tour
1995                     ‘Pandora’s Box’, group ceramic exhibition, Crafts Council, London
1998                      Inaugural exhibition, Barrett Marsden Gallery, London
1999                      Joint show, Illsely Paintings and Robert Marsden Metalwork, 
                               Barrett Marsden Gallery, London
                               Todd Gallery, London – paintings
2004                      Group exhibition, Barrett Marsden Gallery, 
                                London ‘ Illsley Ceramics
2008                      ‘Bryan Illsley: New Prints and Recent Paintings’, 
                                Cross Street Gallery, London*
                                ‘The work of Bryan Illsley’, selected by Stella Benjamin, The Anthony                                 Shaw Collection, London
2009                      ‘Selected Works’, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea*
2010                      ‘Partings and Pipelines’ Marsden Woo Gallery, London*
2011                      Lemon Street Gallery, Truro
Public Collections
Contemporary Art Society, London
Kettles Yard, Cambridge
Plymouth City Art Gallery
Camden, Cornwall, Devon and Reading Education Committees
Arts Council of Great Britain
Portsmouth City Museum
Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
Crafts Council of Great Britain
Victoria and Albert Museum
Smart Museum, University of Chicago
Selected bibliography
Christopher Reid, Crafts Council, 1984
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Alison Britton, ‘Souvenirs from St Ives’, Contemporary Applied Arts, 1988
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