Portrait of an Artist

Unusual amongst British regional galleries, the Laing Art Gallery was gifted to the people of Newcastle without a collection of its own. Alexander Laing was not a connoisseur or collector, and when he wrote to the Newcastle Corporation in 1900 offering to provide the building, he was confident that by the liberality of the inhabitants it would soon be supplied with pictures and statuary for the encouragement and development of British Art.

Precisely as Laing had anticipated, the intervening 120 years have seen the Gallery, through a series of gifts, bequests and purchases, accumulate one of the finest regional collections of fine and decorative art in the country. Changing displays highlight various aspects of the collection, and it is invigorating to be working with Liss Llewellyn once again on an exhibition that draws upon some of its strongest elements of 19th and 20th Century British art.

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Works Featured in this catalogue

David Tindle (b. 1932)
Self-portrait in a Mirror


Mary Potter (1900 - 1981)
Painting for life class, circa 1920
Francis Spear (1902 - 1979)
The Artist’s Boots, 1932


Donald Chrisholm Towner (1903 - 1985)
Portrait of Charles Mahoney (1903-1968), 1926


Charles Mahoney (1903 - 1968)
The Artist and his Muses, c 1950


James Wood (1889 - 1975)
Self-portrait, c.1918